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Whangarei Heads Counselling

Beth Henderson


Bachelor of Arts Psychology from Massey University
Masters of Counselling Massey University
Member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors



I offer a confidential, non-judgemental, caring, respectful service. All people are valued and considered equal, and all difference is accepted. Experienced with adults, adolescents and children. I have been working in the field for over twenty years. Issues include depression, anxiety, grief, parenting, addiction and relationship difficulties. Enquires and questions welcome.

Mission Statement:
To be a resource in my community offering a professional counselling service.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive therapy is based on the cognitive model, which states that thoughts, feelings and behavior are all connected, and that individuals can move toward overcoming difficulties.


Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and other training.

Child Centered Play Therapy

Child Centered Play Therapy is a method of meeting and responding to the mental health needs of children and is extensively acknowledged by experts as an effective and suitable intervention in dealing with children’s brain development.

Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that seeks to help people identify their values and the skills and knowledge they have to live these values, so they can effectively confront whatever problems they face. The therapist seeks to help the person co-author a new narrative about themselves.

Client Centered Therapy

Client centered Therapy seeks to facilitate a client's self-actualizing tendency, "an inbuilt proclivity toward growth and fulfillment", via acceptance (unconditional positive regard), therapist congruence (genuineness), and empathic understanding.


I can also help with a range of issues including addiction, grief, depression, anxiety, parenting and relationships. Contact me today if you have any questions and I will answer them for you.


Contact me today for professional, confidential and personal assistance.